Courage and the Corner Office

By Jamie Myrold

Not so long ago, sales reps promoted software products and customers evaluated them based solely on their features. A system could be ugly and clumsy, as long as it performed a lot of functions. Designers in corporations had limited career options because their employer treated their work as an afterthought—just a skin for the functions.

But, as technology has made better user interfaces possible, users from the executive suite to the service truck have begun to understand, appreciate, and demand the benefits of good design. Apps and devices are now integral to productivity, and the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and artificial intelligence are on the rise. As technology increasingly becomes enmeshed in our daily activities, well-rounded designers need to understand more than the making part of their work.

Successful designers serve as the bridge between design, technology, and business, and their ability to connect different areas of an organization is opening up new career potential for those who want to move into broader leadership roles. Read More

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