Foundational Practices for Great Teamwork

By Daniel Szuc and Josephine Wong

“Watch your thoughts, they become words
Watch your words, they become actions
Watch your actions, they become habits
Watch your habits, they become character
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”—Lao Tzu

Twenty-three years ago, Dan performed in a production of Neil Simon’s play Laughter on the 23rd Floor, playing the character Milt Fields. Just recently, the cast of the play reunited for an online script reading. While it had been a long time since Dan had interacted with the cast, from the moment everyone had gotten onto the call and began reading the script right up to the wrapup, they were able to create a trusting, safe environment and performed a reasonably polished script reading together. Not bad at all.

What was intriguing to us was that no one spoke about meaning or defining what that might be, laid any ground rules, or set up the environment to be one way or another. The cast spent little time discussing what it meant to respect one another. Read More

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